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The best carpenters make the fewest chips. English proverb, c.1500s
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Why Choose JoineryPlans As Your Woodworking Resource?

Unlimited Access
When you select JoineryPlans as your choice in woodworking, you’ll have instant access to thousands of plans that you can build on your own. Every month we add hundreds of new plans to the library so you will always have a new project to work on. Plus, there are over 25,000 woodworking guides and tutorials that can help you through the woodworking process making it easier than ever to accomplish the wood project of your dreams.
Affordable Starting Price
Now for a limited time, you can join JoineryPlans for ONLY $19.99. This is a huge saving off the regular $39.99 price and is the only price you will pay ever. There is no reoccurring monthly fees and no additional costs to pay to keep your membership going month after month or year after year. Your membership is forever - at one great $19.99 price!
Risk-Free Guarantee
You have no reason not to try JoineryPlans as we offer a 60-day complete money back guarantee that ensures you are completely satisfied with your membership. If for any reason you are not happy just cancel within the 60 days, and we will completely refund your money. No questions asked and no reason refused. There is no risk involved to decide if JoineryPlans is right for you. Try us for 60 days and decide if you like us. We guarantee you’ll be satisfied or your money back.

Our Woodworking Plans

Complete Checklists

Mistake-Free Planning and Preparation

It’s easier than ever to start your woodworking project as we help you prepare with a complete list of tools and supplies that you’ll need start to finish. You’ll have everything you need upfront, and you won’t waste time heading to the hardware store for something you forgot.

Detailed Steps

Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Instructions

Our step-by-step instructions are detailed and easy to follow. You’ll be amazed at how you are able to perform skills such as joinery, carving, and woodturning with ease. Our instructions are created to make it as simple as possible for you to learn or perfect the skills you need to be a master woodworker.

Photo & Diagram Documentation

Complete Visual Accuracy

Need more instructions? We’ve also provided a series of photos and diagrams to ensure there is no mistaken what is expected in each step of our detailed instructions. You’ll be custom crafting your woodworking project in no time and never get hung up on a step. We promise!

Suits all levels

Perfect for All Skill Levels

Our plans are made for all ages and all skills levels. Whether you are a beginner woodworker or a professional craftsman, you’ll find something new to learn about with each of our woodworking projects. We’ve made it as straightforward as possible to learn the wood skills you need and enhance the ones that you already have.

Hundreds of new award-winning woodworking plans are added to our library each month!

Finally, A DIY Project That You’ll Enjoy! With hundreds of woodworking plans and woodworking projects to choose from, you’ll be able to custom craft an array of popular woodworking items without the need for woodworking classes. Make coffee tables, dining tables, workbenches, gardens and sheds, cabinets and bookcases, and so much more! It’s the perfect woodworking for kids too!

Woodworking Plan
Woodworking Plan
Woodworking Plan
Woodworking Plan
Woodworking Plan
Woodworking Plan

Work Samples To Get You Started

Looking for ideas? Not sure where to start? Browse through this list of woodworking samples to find a creation that inspires you.
There are samples for beginners and professionals, so you are sure to find a project that is right for your skill level.
Add your own twist and be creative in its finish and you will have a custom piece that you can display proudly at your home.
We offer thousands of woodworking plans for you to try and we can’t wait for you to show us what you have built. Get started today!
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Woodworking Coffee Table
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Woodworking Bed
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Woodworking Bed
diy chair woodworking
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dining table
Woodworking Shed
Woodworking Toy
DIY Chair
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How to build my own Shed
Making a desk with woodworking
DIY Stool Plans
Garden Woodworking Furniture
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Barn step-by-step buildout
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Building A Woodworking Toy
DIY Home Working Desk
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Making a DIY wooden Baby Crib
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Woodworking Storage Cabinet
Woodworking Storage Box
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Build your own desk plans
How to build a Workbench plans
Woodworking Shed step by step
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Woodworking Toy For All ages
How to build a DIY desk
How to build a simple barn
Woodworking Cabinet
Unique DIY Woodworking Bed Project
Garden Woodworking Furniture
Woodworking Cabinet
Woodworking Coffee Table & Storage Box
Woodworking Coffee Table
DIY Garage Workbench
Woodworking Decoration
Woodworking Toy
Woodworking Cabinet
Woodworking Baby Crib
Woodworking Toy
Woodworking Bed
Woodworking Workbench plans
Woodworking Baby Crib
Garden Woodworking Furniture
Woodworking Cabinet
Garden Woodworking Furniture
Woodworking Decoration
Woodworking Coffee Table

Who We Are

We live with creativity

We are a group of long time professional woodworkers, owners of boutique furniture carpentry shops. After over 20 years of woodworking each of us started teaching the art of woodworking and furniture making over different medias (Workshops, Classes, Youtube & Online courses). We all met while teaching beginner & advanced woodworking students at a workshop in Los Angeles, CA.
One day while brainstorming we thought of what would be the best way to spread general woodworking as a hobby and a proffesion. After that we decided to create JoineryPlans.com and revolutionize the Internet woodworking concept.

flat wooden schematics
Woodworking minus plan & patience equals firewood.
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I used the plans from JoineryPlans to build a mailbox, and it couldn’t have been easier. I really had some doubts that your site would be worth it, but I have to say it was money well spent! I have the best-looking mailbox on the block, and all my neighbors are envious of my handiwork. Thanks for all the help building this!

- Robert K. Kessler

I can’t thank JoineryPlans enough for the gun cabinet plans. I looked into buying one of these, and it was so costly and not made with the quality I was looking for. Your plans helped me create exactly the gun cabinet I was hoping for at a price that I could afford. It has the perfect spot in my home, and I couldn’t have done it without your help.

- Troy Carol

I thought I would start with something simple from you as I am only a novice woodworker. I looked at a ton of sites like yours but was really disappointed with the quality they offered. They were confusing and overpriced. On your site, the birdhouse plans were not only easy to follow, but it was fun for both me and my son to do. We are looking to try something a little more difficult next time like a coffee table or a chest. Thanks so much for the confidence in putting these projects together.

- David P. Alberts

My wife kept nagging me about creating more storage in the garage, and I wasn’t sure where I should start. I downloaded your storage plans, and I was able to envision exactly what we needed. My wife is beyond thrilled, and I am proud of the work I did. The only problem is now my wife has created a list of wood projects she wants me to complete. LOL! I’m going to be very busy! I hope you can help.

- Adam Loftin

Thanks so much for providing these great plans. I was really skeptical at first as there are so many shady sites out there that didn’t offer what I was looking for. JoineryPlans really delivered, and I am finally able to complete a project from start to finish without getting frustrated. Your plans provided simple easy to follow steps that even I could understand. You made woodworking fun for me, and it is actually something I look forward to doing now.

- Mary Odom

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